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What are People saying about TCWS

T oronto Creative Writing Services is dedicating this page to our loyal customers. We appreciate you and your business!

Hereвs some feedback weвve heard from you (some names have been altered to protect customer confidentiality*):

«Thank you TCWS, you saved me so much stress during exams! I recommend you to all of my friendsВ» – Emily from York University

«Great quality work, fast service. I am now the proud owner of an amazing business and without your help, it would have been impossible. Its my baby born to life! Love it! Thank you so much»

Bhoran from Toronto

«All of the assignments I used your services for have been good quality and I got good marks. Thanks TCWS.В» Stefan from York


«You guys are awesome, Iвve used you a few times. Great for last-minute assignmentsВ» James from Ryerson University
«Thanks so much, I got an 85 on my essay! I will use you again soon!В»

Mark from York University

«Impressive work, you got back to me very quickly. Thanks!В» Steph from Huron College
«I was so happy to hear this service exists. Thanks TCWS. My friend was right!В»

Rebecca from UWO

«I liked how you told me how far along my essay was when I asked so I didnвt worry.В» Stacy from University of Toronto
«Exam week was a lot less stressful thanks to your servicesВ»

Krystal from York University

«Toronto Creative Writing Services was polite to deal with and fast getting back to meВ» Liang from York University
«Very good writers, I have used you twice and I got 90s on my essaysВ»

Jeff from Ryerson University

«You were nice, my essay was on time and done well. Thanks!В» Bilal from York University
«Great work, I have told all of my friends to use you in SeptemberВ»

Jess from University of Toronto

«My essay was well-researched, I was surprised but impressed! Thank you TCWS.В» Katarina from York University
«Wow, you guys are actually open 24 hours. Itвs incredible!В»

Adrian from University of Toronto

«Very good quality, good prices!В» Jose from Kings University
«I met one of your writers at a friendвs party, she was great! I will definitely use your services for my next exam when I go back to schoolВ»

Mark from York University

«I was hesitant to use a writing service but I was incredibly stressed out during exams – I decided to use TCWS for one of my essays so I could focus more on studying for my finals. It was so helpful, thanks!В»

Amanda from University of Toronto

«I had forgotten about the whole idea of dictating. My book is alive today because of you, so I do not mind paying your royalties! Thank you.В»

Chris from Toronto

«I got an 85 on my essay, thank you TCWSВ»

Brad from the University of Western Ontario

«My professor really liked the essay you helped me with, thank you!В» Acima from York University
«Your services helped me survive my French class this year, thank you so much.В»

Mikhail from York University

«Itвs nice to know there are people who can help you when university becomes too much. Thank you for your services.В»

Kim-Ly from York University

«I found out about your services at the end of the year but I will certainly keep you in mind for September! Thanks!В» Farah from

University of Hong Kong

«I love that this service exists!В» Vicky from University of Western

Ontario Durham College

«Thank you TCWS, you were very helpfulВ»

Joe from Huron University College

«You guys did a great job on my sociology homework, thank you!В»

Claudia from University of Toronto

«You guys rock!В» Anish from York University
«TCWS is a very useful and efficient service. Iвm glad I can fall back on you guys.В»

Robyn from University of Toronto

**Names have been changed for protection of all customers.

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